First that everyone see on your wedding it’s you! Obviously, you should be looking perfectly! First of all relax and smiling (no one like stress) Second- choose your make-up style to emphasize your pretty-looking. And I gonna give you some tips to concentrate on some statements. So let started:

Choose your own master.
Better to choose the person, which you already know from another job.

Сhoose you common style.
Take a consultation about type and form of your face and proper lines, tones and colors for it to emphasize or hide your features. Listen for a questions that ask your supposal make-up master,- it will prompt you to choose the better one!

Ask if master can attend to your future husband as well as to relatives & friends.

Make test for make-up & hairstyle.
Experiment within it! Make green or white lines on your eyelids. Test different colorls of lipstik. Make a photo and take time to think about it. Consult with your make-up stylist and bridesmaids to come to final conclusion.

Don’t save expenses- if you don’t like your test- just say about it!
If you don’t like master at all- then don’t hesitate to cancel a reservation from wedding date and start look for next. But don’t save money on testing!

Color scheme.
Your stylist pick up your color scheme. But remember it should be look like natural and not so extravagant. In exception’s list are specially fitted concept.

Type of skin dictate rules of type your cosmetics. If your lean skin then choose less gaudy shades of makeup to reduce shine on your face during the wedding day, but ladies, who differ with normal skin, will be able to enjoy the entire make-up artist’s palette.

The bride with make-up of natural shades is always tender, elegant and graceful. Tenderness is the key moment of the appearance of a modern girl. Try to express your beauty not through make-up, but through a smile and glitter of eyes. Of course make-up can only emphasize it.

What you should handle?
It is necessary from time to time to update and refresh your form during a photo session or a banquet. Also you need to take matting wipes that save from the shine of the skin. Another life-saving component may be a thermal water in a vial that can be sprayed on the face over the make-up. It doesn’t harm cosmetics, but the make-up is apparently refreshing.

Think about changing make-up.
You can change your makeup from light and daytime to bright and evening – discuss this moment with your stylist.