Celebrating Great Wedding Day in Piedmont, Italy

Your Story” shot wedding videoclip for Cedric & Kate in Piedmont. This region was chosen by this young couple for wide landscapes, surrounded on three sides by the Alps with the highest peaks and largest glaciers in Italy.
Wedding ceremony took part in Grinzane Castle. This castle was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list. Origins of the Castle have been variously assigned from the 13th century or to around 1350.
The castle includes a large tower, which is thought to be the most ancient part of the construction. The rest of castle include series of rooms one of which called Sala delle Maschere, has a ceiling decorated with 157 panels featuring coat of arms, animals and allegory images celebrating the marriage of Pietrino Falletti, who owned the castle in 1517.
Now this modern building is designed to celebrate weddings other parties and enjoy the beauty of provincial Italy. Cedric & Kate wedding’s gave “Your Story wedding film studio” the opportunity to enjoy this region and to present to the newlyweds a beautiful wedding film about their youth full of rich impressions.