Jewish Wedding tradition in Tel Aviv, Israel

The tradition of celebrating Jewish weddings is a different from tradition of Christian weddings. This difference conceal in the sacrament of marriage and the celebration ceremony. Your Story shot a wedding film for Yoshi and Yulia in Tel Aviv. From the experience we got in, I will tell you about some traditions of the Jewish wedding`s ceremony .
The wedding day gathers all the relatives and friends of the married couple. Particular attention is given to the adult generation. Father and mother leads daughter to the Chuppah. It’s traditional installation, that offer God protection. Final tradition of the wedding ceremony is to breaking the glass. The groom must crush the glass with his right foot and all guests are shouting “Mazal tov!”, wishing the young couple a happy fate. Shards mean the ruins of destroyed churches in holy Jerusalem. This tradition calls on to remember the sufferings and losses of the Jewish people.
A lavish feast is accompanied by the traditional dance, there are Yossi and Julia raised during Hora in chairs and honored as a king and queen.
The world is splendid with different mentality and traditions of celebrating weddings, but the main things in the life of every people is to love and respect. “You Story” wish to incendiary couple Yoshi and Julia a long and happy fate!