Romantic wedding video from Paris

“Your Story” together with newly wedded are going to the heart of Paris to have unique opportunity to hold a beautiful symbolic wedding ceremony.
We’ll start our video shooting by visiting the Eiffel Tower – a modern symbol of love. Create unforgettable footages in front of the Iron Lady.
Notre-Dame De Paris – a place to discover divinity. Make astonishing video shooting right in front of it. Gothic architecture style makes you fall in love with its perfectly detailed and well preserved medieval sculptures, – the masterpieces of artisans from old centuries.
Tango on the Seine. Become a part of an old-fashioned tradition.
Dance a sexy twist over there and no matter if people watching – this is your perfect wedding video in Paris.
Take romantic night pictures in The Louvre. It’s the world’s most beautiful and the largest museum. Might be a bit touristy through the day, but we’ll come here in the night when it’s silent and calm, find a comfortable corner and sketch a portrait of your lover.
Don’t worry, no one’s going to raise an eyebrow, as we will be together in the heart of Paris, – a home of truth, freedom, beauty and love!