Wedding Ceremony in Chateau de Fontenaille, France

In september 2017 we visited the beautiful castle of the 14th century Chateau de Fontenaille in the French province. The bride and groom were Oliver and Aurora. Finally, after long preparations and planning, the newlyweds managed to bring together friends and relatives under one roof, assume the duties of marriage under church protection and celebrate the wedding day.
“Your Story” wedding film studio also make some preparation. We bought new special camera lenses for this wedding event. We come one day before the wedding to adopt to new place and to explore new live and shooting condition. So day before creating wedding videoclip we have developed Chateau de Fontenaille location. The territory of the castle covers 27 hectares of land with a small chapel, farm buildings, meadows, forests and several large and small ponds. This wonderful place is perfect for organizing romantic weddings. We tested quadrocopter flight and see all territory of this rich place. Therefore the celebration turned out to be magnificent, the guests enjoyed by the happening and by the warm French weather. “Your Story” team also achieve synchronization in work with each other, marriage couple and visitors of this wedding. There were two cameraman of our team. We were also shooting wedding movie about this wedding day that is also possible to order in our services.
We were so inspire, that finished wedding videoclip in the next three days. We hope that our story will be gladden new family for long time ahead! And the main reason of this event is that Oliver and Aurora are happy that they are go through their life together.