Wedding videoclip in Kyiv

Your Story team engaged in wedding video shooting for 8 years. During this time, we have regular customers (joking). Of course, we are advised to have experience working with us couples. But I wanted to say something else. We have enough high-quality equipment to ensure that the video materials timed to the first day of the formation of your family looked as good in 50 years and corresponded to the trends and the world standards of the classic wedding video. Therefore, if you like our taste, you can safely entrust us the production and shooting of your wedding film!
 In order to shoot your ideal movie, we want to know your basic preferences. We will certainly write down the wishes of your guests who want to be heard, you will see your first marriage kiss and laugh at the amusing moments with your guests. We like diversity and prefer to shoot aerial footage. Believe me, time will pass and these frames will not have a price. You will see yourself happy and this will necessarily motivate you, if suddenly vacation is very far) Also we prefer to use 2 cameras in order to catch the moments from the guests of the groom and the bride. We cover the events at your wedding in the stylistic direction of the reportage shooting. This means that as events unfold, we try to fix everything that’s happening around and then add it to a logical story, along with words of congratulations, tears of joy, a festive banquet and dances. In breaks, we really want to take you off as beautiful, dressed and emotional as you are on this solemn day. Therefore, in breaks from the ceremony, we will take up the production of “gentle” cadres. Do not be shy, be yourself, because today is your day to be filmed! And if you suddenly will, we will have to call for an additional fee of Quentin Tarantino or George Lucas, and you know, it will cost you a pretty penny.
So, the wedding ceremony goes on as usual, the operators are working, the guests are drinking champagne. And we, the team of Jo Story, invite you to plunge into the wedding charm of the festival! Ask questions in the contact form, read our blog and call us! See you on the red carpet.