фото свадебная аллея из хлопка

Hello to all fashion fans! Today I want to share with you information about wedding trends in 2018. I present the most vivid and popular trends that occur among this subject. I hope you will be interested and you will find a response in each of the directions of the wedding question.





wedding dresses collage 2018

Dress. There is a transformation of fashion trends happened every year . This year on top massive flowers and detailing. Corset dresses go to the shelf with the inscription “classic”. Prevails corporeal color. The shape is gently fitting and emphasizes your figure.



модное свадебное приглашение в 2018

Invitation. The main rule is that there are no rules! Follow your imagination. Recycled materials, lace, origami, message in a bottle. Note that the wedding invitation falls into the general style of the concept of your ceremony. For example, you can specify two tonal colors: the groom’s costume and the bride’s wedding dress.


каким должен быть свадебный торт в 2018 году коллаж

The wedding cake should be beautiful. Choose gentle colors, decorate with edible lace, bohemian details, designer elements from edible confectionery glaze. The elegant, eclectic Boho style prevails. Under such appearance you can choose absolutely any stuffing.



фото какой выбрать свадебный букет 2018 коллаж

Bouquet. Seasonal and garden flowers are topical. With a bunch of such colors, you will be original. Such a bouquet will be more affordable at price, if you plan a wedding in the warm season. The flowering bouquet remained a trend of 2017.



как удивить гостей смелым свадебным столом фото советы

Festive banquet. Traditional dishes remain on the menu, but couples who would like to follow the wedding trends in 2018, receive guests at the banquet according to their taste preferences. Burgers, favorite snacks from the office, cheese “brie”, everything should express your special taste preferences.



фото сервировки свадебного стола


The table is served traditionally. Formal serving of dishes does not go anywhere. But the rich decoration of the table will replace the now fashionable Swedish serving.



свадебные конкурсы фото группового шаржа


Entertainment. Pamper your guests with unexpected impressions. Let the guests have the wedding caricatures of their faces. Such an entertainment will not be leaved your guests indifferent for a long time.




фото съемка свадьбы с квадрокоптера или дрона

Video. If you want your wedding video be on top for a long time, be sure to include frames taken from the drones. Video from the quadrocopter, adds a dramatic effect to the wedding film. Many films in Hollywood begin with the frames of a flying dron. Than you are worse than them? Allow yourself to become the stars of your own video.

Plot. Think about the plot, what would you like to see a wedding art-film (you’ll have to pretty sweat) or documentary-reportage. You choose. And I know that I would like to work a little, so that my wedding film looks like an action. For this it is necessary to find a worthy documentary maker. Forward!