Are you in love and are experiencing the best period in your life? Are you planning the most unforgettable honeymoon?! The heart is ready to jump out of the chest, but you want even more acute sensations? Then go to Paris! This city give you a variety of bright emotions and new feelings. Paris is a city of love not by accident: this city for centuries absorbed love stories of life and writers, its stone walls still store someone’s heart-felt secrets and intriguing love dramas. Go to Paris, where the words Honor, Dignity and Love are uttered with awe and respect for the long-gone era of nobility and true romantics.
So now you have a unique opportunity to hold a beautiful symbolic wedding ceremony with «Your Story wedding film studio» in the heart of Paris, on a boat that sails along the Seine, past the most famous sights of the most romantic city on earth, where you tell to your love one again “Yes!”
We’ll start the journey by visiting the Eiffel Tower – a modern symbol of love. You can take an elevator or climb up the 360 steps to reach the first level and 344 more steps to reach the second level. The top level of the tower is at the dizzying height of 276 meters with a champagne bar up there.
Notre-Dame De Paris – a place to discover divinity. Make astonishing video shooting right in front of it. Gothic architecture style makes you fall in love with its perfectly detailed and well preserved medieval sculptures, – the masterpieces of artisans from old centuries.
Arc de Triomphe – is a great symbol of the Victory. Please be careful while posing for the camera at this location, because of excessive traffic over there.
Tango on the Seine. Become a part of an old-fashioned tradition.
Dance a sexy twist over there, and no matter if people watching – this is your perfect video shooting in Paris.
Take romantic night pictures in The Louvre. It’s the world’s most beautiful and the largest museum. Might be a bit touristy through the day, but we’ll come here in the night when it’s silent and calm, find a comfortable corner and sketch a portrait of your lover.
Don’t worry, no one’s going to raise an eyebrow, as we will be together in the heart of Paris – a home of truth, freedom, beauty and love!